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Dr. Philip J. Karanian & Dr. Matthew Colliton

Dr. Philip J. Karanian, a leading doctor in internal medicine at Prime HealthCare, practices as a Senior Attending Physician at Saint Francis Hospital. Dr. Karanian, in practice since 1989, earned his medical degree from the University of Connecticut Medical School. His extensive training and experience have made him well-regarded in the community.

Dr. Matthew Colliton, an internal medicine specialist in West Hartford, CT, studied at Georgetown University School of Dentistry. Working at Prime HealthCare PC and affiliated with Saint Francis Hospital, Dr. Colliton’s expertise and experience with insurance plans ensure quality care.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is more than treating diseases. It focuses on the overall health of adults and emphasizes preventive care to keep patients healthy. At Prime HealthCare, our doctors aim to understand every patient’s unique needs and offer care that truly makes a difference.

Prime HealthCare

The kind medical team at Prime HealthCare, PC is devoted to giving complete health and medical care in the Hartford region. With knowledge in all areas, our focus is on lifelong care for everyone in the family. We believe in building long-lasting connections with our patients. You’ll value our honest approach and the caring attitude of our doctors and staff, along with.

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Prime HealthCare’s dedicated approach to health and well-being stands out in the Hartford area. Dr. Karanian and Dr. Colliton’s combined expertise in internal medicine ensures that patients receive the care they deserve.

Embark on a journey to healthier living with Prime HealthCare. Dr. Karanian and Dr. Colliton are here to guide your path. Call Prime HealthCare to make your appointment today!